úterý 26. srpna 2014

SFA031 - Didi&Pedro - RHIZ

Didi Kern: drums, percussion

Petr Vrba: trumpet, vibrating speakers

The Viennese drummer Didi Kern (bulbul, broken heart
collector, fuckhead) sometimes plays a trumpet. The Prague trumpetist Petr Vrba
(los amargados, iq+1, rouilleux) sometimes plays drums. After meeting two years
ago on stage they occasionally meet and work with joy and love to create space
where static structures quickly change, where silence and noise are a pleasure,
and sound is equal to music. Delight for those who enjoy live, changeable,
sometimes smooth but mostly raw music.

Recording by DerBloedeDritteMittwoch in Rhiz, Vienna 05/2014
Mastering by Federsel, Prague
Cover photo by noid
Cover by momo


SFA030 - the meme - 2

The meme are an experimental sound duo from Chicago. Jeffrey
Kmieciak (lap steel guitar, electronics) and Milan Bobysud (electronics) create
textured soundscapes using a lap steel guitar, analog synthesizers,
drum-machines and a variety of processors. The resulting sound ranges from
pastoral psychedelia and gentle ambience through drone and motorik minimalism
all the way to sinister noise. The duo's improvised performances feature
abstract video backgrounds collaged from found footage films and other
re-purposed visuals.

2 is the meme's 2nd official release (1 came
out on cassette earlier this year on particle tapes). The two tracks of
this EP were recorded live in studio sessions in the summer of 2014.

neděle 13. července 2014

SFA029 - Jan Faix - Ken Ganfield - Mikuláš Mrva: Music for Friday the 13th

Jan Faix - synthesizers, effects
Ken Ganfield - Synthi AKS, electronics
Mikuláš Mrva - theremin, synthesizers, laptop

Recorded live at Dejvická klubovna, Prague, 13.6.2014, by Ken Ganfield and Jan Faix
Mixed and mastered by Jan Faix


SFA028 - Chuānwánggōng - 川王宫

Prayer recorded June 14th, 2014 around noon in the taoist temple Chuānwánggōng in China, Sichuan province (中国,四川省,川王宫).

Recording, sleeve and sleeve photo: Petr Karlach (佧彼得 - 波静) 2014

neděle 8. června 2014

SFA027 - Jude: Mouchy

More than one hour of humming. Jakub Žid (as a filmmaker aka Jude, also singer of Prague based group Skrytý půvab byrokracie) recorded humming of his own bred flies Calliphora erythrocephala as a part of soundtrack for his marionette movie Monology Adolfa Hitlera aneb Mouchy zůstávají (Adolf Hitler's Monologues, or Flies remain; Polí5, 2007). 

Edited, mixed and mastered by Roman Kolliner
Cover picture by Jakub Žid
Cover design by Jan Polanský

Complete movie here:

čtvrtek 8. května 2014

SFA026 - Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus: Cruiser Potemkin is Everywhere

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus is dada-surrealistic project. It was found on Spitzbergen, avantgard poet Willhelm Grasslich was beaten to unconsciousness by 51 nuns there. It produces style called nun-core, basically it means surrealistic noise ambient. Cruiser Potemkin is Everywhere is the first album, which was composed mainly on computer programme. Album was created during spring of 2014.



neděle 4. května 2014

SFA025 - ~ˇ^ˇ~ - Oběti netolismu

Hypnotic walls of almost endless noise performed on the new ~ˇ^ˇ~ album called Oběti netolismu (Victims of netholism) brings out an informal obituary for those who fell under a mindcrushing fist of information technologies. The second full-lenght ~ˇ^ˇ~ album comes up with reconstructed sound from its basics. These four, strictly improvised tracks will take its listeners into the mind of a computer addict, shattered and left alone in the vast emptiness of worlds wires and cicuits, virtual reality and binary existence of an individual.

Petr Habrych: electronics, mixing and cover-art