pondělí 9. prosince 2013

SFA020 - Stratocluster: Tamanrasset

Writing liner notes for a project as spontaneous as this one is somewhat self-defeating. The purpose of liner notes is generally to expound a concept, an innovation, a purpose: we have none of these things.
We met to have a few drinks, breathe the proverbial fresh air and play music, not to record an album. We recorded in a living room, not in a studio, and on one handheld recorder, not an expænsive setup.
There was no playlist, program or concept, but only the projected coherence of our individual musical personalities. We played instruments we didn’t know we could play, and played things we didn’t know could be instruments. We played music we knew and music we didn’t, and hopefully some music that’s new.
Ian Mikyska


Ian Mikyska – guitar, electronics, plastic bottles
Tomáš Mika – guitar, piano, klaxon
Benjamin McGarr – saxophone, flute, piano
Jan Faix – no-input mixer, live electronics, no-fi tapes
Mikuláš Mrva – bass guitar, electronics, jaw harp
Jan Kulka – drums, percussion

Recorded live on the 24th of July 2013 in Všestary, Czech Republic.
Mastering: Veronika Bartošová

Cover: Jan Polanský


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