pátek 7. srpna 2015

SFA048 - Lucie Vítková: Chorals

I have been composing these chorals for about one year for different occasions, though mainly for friends so that we could play together. Therefore each piece was recorded in a different location and under a different circumstance, bringing with it its own unique experience.

Lucie Vítková is a composer, improviser and performer (accordion, harmonica, voice and tap dance) from the Czech Republic, studying at the Universität der Künste Berlin with Marc Sabat. In her recent work, she is interested in the musical legacy of Morse Code and the social-political aspects of music and art in relation to everyday life.


• Choral no. 2
• Choral no. 4 – ensemble Dust in the Groove: soprano saxophone – Radim Hanousek; trumpet – Jan Přibil; marimba – Martin Opršál; double bass – Juraj Valenčík
• Choral no. 5 - guitar, voice – Julia Reidy; clarinet, voice – Anton Alfvén
• Choral no. 6 – keyboard + diy loudspeaker – Neele Hülcker
• Choral no. 7
• Choral no. 8 – voices – Jaroslaw Ilski, Anton Alfvén; piano – Evelyn Saylor, Elisabeth Angot; synthesizer – Milan Aleksic, Don-Myung Kim; flute – Rebecca Lane; viola – Marc Sabat; trumpet – Demetre Gamsachurdia; violoncello – Stella Veloce, Aziz Lewandowski

Lucie Vítková – voice (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), accordion (3, 6), piano (1), synthesizer (5)

Cover design by Marek Pokorný

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