úterý 20. listopadu 2012

SFA003 - Boris Gagloev & Jan Faix: Arkaim

Boris Gagloev: midi guitar, samples, mixing and mastering

Jan Faix: piano, celesta, tibetan cymbals

Recorded by Vít Král - Fluidum Records Studios - 27.12.2006

Signals from Arkaim presents digital reedition of "musical fantasy about an incredible voyage of a young but talented European Pterodactyl, possesing perfect ear and unique sense of rhytm, to the mysterious country of Arkaim, inhabited by vegetarian Dragons, deaf Cyclops and treacherous Vampire Flowers, which can be seen only in the infra-red light. Seven parts of this extraordinary but absolutely true story narrate about the hero's adventures, his exploits and happy return."


SFA002 - Count Portmon: Obsessions

Jan Faix: no-input mixers and tape players, effects, lo-fi field recordings


We also offer limited edition of 10 copies (C-50) for 150 Kč, in case of your interest, please email signals.from.arkaim@gmail.com


Second Release of Netlabel Signals from Arkaim

SFA001 - Tembryo: Party for Non-Swimmers

Tembryo - Party for Non-Swimmers

Session in the bottom of disused and dilapidated swimming pool in Barrandov, Prague, 3.6.2012.

Jan Faix: lo-fi electronics, tapes, percussion, melodica
Filip Černý - acoustic guitar
Jan Kyncl - tenor saxophone

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Veronika Bartošová
Design by Krilin (www.krilin.cz)



First Release of netlabel Signals from Arkaim