čtvrtek 12. září 2019

SFA081 - Name Does Not Matter: Tides

Working with modular synthesis often reminds me of directing actors. You set roles, actors play according to the script, yet their personalities and interactions they make create something new and you just watch or listen. Modulations overlapping each other, creating waves of noise and sines. Melodies from Game of Life. Losing control. Machines win.


Cover: echo2301

Name Does Not Matter



SFA080 - Tigris Argentum - Sol Nigra

Tigris Argentum je akusticky, industrialny diy projekt, ktory vznikol na sklonku leta 2017 za ucelom skumania kovu ako media pre prenos zvukovej vlny. Spaja sa v nom fyzika a matematika s tisic rokov starymi, modifikovanymi gongovymi technikami, s obsesiou vo zvuku, ktory mozno pocut, citit a vnimat prirodzenym sposobom, ako ked ste na vylete v lese a pocuvate zvuk potoka. V realnom svete neexistuju stupnice. Iba velka suhra veci okolo nas, dokonala struktura, dokonaly system..nelinearny chaos. Myslienky nam zabranuju vnimat podstatne.

Tigris Argentum je vybuch obrovskej supernovy v bezrozmernom priestore bez casu, ako ked list spadne zo stromu. Ziadny koncept nikdy nebol a nikdy nebude. Jednoduchost. Inverzne slnko dava bytostiam ziaru. Kov je krasny material. Vedie zvuk v uzasnej komplexnosti, ako ziadny iny..

Tigris Argentum je dvojhlavy drak. Figur von Molitan sa venuje hracskym technikam, Skinny Boyfriend vyrobe. Sme lukostrelci.

Na albume Sol Nigra najdete pomale, ambientne pesnicky pre dve velke kovove platne.


Tigris Argentum is the acoustic, diy, industrial project, founded at the end of the summer of 2017, for a research of metal as a medium for a physical transmission of a soundwave. It connects phycisc and mathematics with a thousands years old, modyfied gong playing techniques.. turning into obsesion with a sound, you can hear, feel and expwrience in a natural form, as when you are listening to the sound of the brook. There are no musical scales in the real world. There's only a big ensamble of the things aroud us, a perfect system.. nonlinear chaos. Our thougts defeat us from perceiving the essence.

Tigris Argentum is the huge explosion of supernova in the nonextential timeless space, like when the leave falls from the tree. There wasn't never any comcept and there won't be any in the future. Similicity. Inversive sun is making the forms shining. Metal is the beautiful matgerial. It leads the sound in the wonderfull complexicity like no other..

Tigris Argentum is a two headed dragon. Figur von Molitan goes in the playing techniqus, Skinny Boyfriend is in the fabrication of things. We are the archers.

On the Sol Nigra album you can find our ambient tracks for a two big metal plates.