středa 26. října 2016

SFA068 - Datel zkázy: Live at Festival Ha!wangarda - Kraków

Datel zkázy (The Woodpecker of Doom) is a sub-group, side-kick and extra-marital affair of Sova smrti (The Owl of Death). Both groups work on the same principle: all the sound materials have their origin in the banjo, sampled and processed by the electronics of Jan Faix. In Sova smrti, Tomáš Mika plays the banjo, with Ian Mikyska acting as his woodpeckerish banjo countepart. To coincide with the release of Sova smrti's eponymous debut album on polí5, we present a recording of Datel zkázy's performance at the legendary Bomba club in Kraków, where they performed as part of the Ha!wangarda Festival. The cover design, as in the case of the Sova smrti, was made by Anastasia Vrublevská.

Ian Mikyska: banjo da gamba
Jan Faix: live processing, sampling

01 tak / yes
02 tak tak / yes yes
03 tak tak tak / yes yes yes
04 tak tak tak tak / yes yes yes yes

Recorded by Ian Mikyska at Bomba, Kraków, Poland, 6 th october as a part of Festival Ha!wangarda
Cover design: Anastasia Vrublevská
Special thanks to Aleksandra Małecka and Piotr Marocki