neděle 13. července 2014

SFA029 - Jan Faix - Ken Ganfield - Mikuláš Mrva: Music for Friday the 13th

Jan Faix - synthesizers, effects
Ken Ganfield - Synthi AKS, electronics
Mikuláš Mrva - theremin, synthesizers, laptop

Recorded live at Dejvická klubovna, Prague, 13.6.2014, by Ken Ganfield and Jan Faix
Mixed and mastered by Jan Faix


SFA028 - Chuānwánggōng - 川王宫

Prayer recorded June 14th, 2014 around noon in the taoist temple Chuānwánggōng in China, Sichuan province (中国,四川省,川王宫).

Recording, sleeve and sleeve photo: Petr Karlach (佧彼得 - 波静) 2014