neděle 21. prosince 2014

SFA038 - Shibuya Motors – Furrows Of The Night

On their second official release, Bratislava-based weird avant-core electro-acoustic duo draws crackling epileptic lines between composition and spontaneous improvisation, frenetically throwing echoes of death metal, jazz, free improv, glitch, noise and distorted techno beats into the sewer. Furious and fast as their live shows: energetic explorations of the dark corners of the subconscious, although not omitting surprising elements of distinctive musical humor. To be played at maximum volume level.

Slávo Krekovič: electronics
Miro Tóth: alto saxophone, vocals


Recorded at A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture, Bratislava 2014
Mixing and mastering: Miroslav Tóth
Cover art: Boris Sirka