neděle 3. března 2013

SFA005 - Zeleny Antoin

The first release of the project Zelený Antoin, one of the many alteregos of Slovak musician Michal Šuranský. We could tell that in his other projects (e.g. Jacques Kustod) is more controlled and as Zelený Antoin he can use more the complete hedonistic freedom in expression, but only if we don't know his entire music career, which incidentally started in the role of punk drummer.
Nobody knows the depths of his personality on which are based inspirations for this layering noise electronic structures, irrational musical form and spontaneous vocal and guitar exposure. Every listener must find the answer to the question himself.

1. Live
2. Live Again

Recorded live at Easterndaze Night (track 1) and at Bratislava (track 2).
Cover by Stix

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