pondělí 15. dubna 2013

SFA008 - The Pololáníks: Záspě

In the world of free improvisation, solo projects and duos seem to be the
norm, while larger groupings are usually reserved for one-off projects and
special occasions. Being a regular five-piece band, then, makes The
Pololáníks something of an oddity, along with the fact that the quintet
meets for regular garage rehearsals, just like an aspiring indie band would
– except, of course, there is no repertoire per se, just an infinitely
developing interplay of five distinct musical personalities. The Pololáníks'
core instruments are trombone, double bass, recorders, guitar/saxophone/
clarinet and laptop, but other, more peculiar DIY instruments and found
objects (e.g. bowed CPU heatsinks) make frequent appearance.

The compilation presented here pairs excerpts from the band's very first
public performance with a selection from recent concerts, including joint
session with Count Portmon (tape players) and Ken Ganfield (modular synth).
 The selection of tracks is meant as a sort of retrospective preceding the
band's first proper studio album, which the quintet hopes to record shortly.

Vít Kořínek: trombone
Martin Lauer: double bass
Zbyněk Rohlík: recorders
Martin Strakoš: guitar/saxophone/clarinet
Pavel Bakič: laptop
(All - voices, found objects, various percussion and DIY instruments)

1. Hlacenstvo 4:45
2. Rabulista 6:10
3. Šantala 15:45 (feat. Count Portmon - tape players, synthesizers and Ken Ganfield - modular synthesizer)
4. Halže 6:45
5. Žrec 11:21
6. Žamputář 3:12

Recorded live in Prague: 8.10.2011 - Rybanaruby (1,5); 11.2.2013 - K4 (3); 23.2.2013 - Final Club (2,4,6)

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