úterý 26. srpna 2014

SFA031 - Didi&Pedro - RHIZ

Didi Kern: drums, percussion

Petr Vrba: trumpet, vibrating speakers

The Viennese drummer Didi Kern (bulbul, broken heart
collector, fuckhead) sometimes plays a trumpet. The Prague trumpetist Petr Vrba
(los amargados, iq+1, rouilleux) sometimes plays drums. After meeting two years
ago on stage they occasionally meet and work with joy and love to create space
where static structures quickly change, where silence and noise are a pleasure,
and sound is equal to music. Delight for those who enjoy live, changeable,
sometimes smooth but mostly raw music.

Recording by DerBloedeDritteMittwoch in Rhiz, Vienna 05/2014
Mastering by Federsel, Prague
Cover photo by noid
Cover by momo


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